Riser в Ro-Ro — 18.05.

Riser в Ro-Ro — 18.05.

Май 11th, 2019

18 мая, в субботу, в Арт-клубе Ro-Ro!

Riser 18.05 Art Club Ro-Ro
START: 22:00

Young, fast and hairy – this is Riser, an old school thrash and heavy metal band, active since summer of 2015. The sounds have a bit of a mixture of thrash and heavy with a little twist of progressive rock. If searched well one may even find a couple of hard rock songs. Mostly the guys play their own music, but they also have a couple of must have covers in their repertoire.
By today, Riser has recorded 2 demos and in september 22. 2018 Riser released and introduced their first EP Temple Of Addiction in rock club BarBar.

Lives are always powerful filled with fast riffs, hard-hitting drum play and a mellow blend of hairy vocals. For a real thrash and heavy metal admirer, with a burning desire for a crisp and hairy music, a concert will guarantee you a stiff neck and a sore throat.

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